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Poison Set by BluC Poison Set by BluC
and that concludes the poison set! look out for the next set!

**Cookie for anyone who gets the reference of their titles.
Introducing the :bulletpink: Poison Set :bulletpink:

:bulletblack: Who is up for Adoption? :bulletblack:
:bulletblack: Super High School Level Rocket Grunt! Arbok ~Petite-Colette
:bulletblack: Super High School Level Rocket Grunt! Weezing ~Petite-Colette
:bulletblack: Super High School Level J-Rocker! Gengar ~rosecupcake
:bulletblack: Super High School Level Lolita! Zubat *TsunaChu
:bulletblack: Super High School Level Ninja! Whirlipede *TsunaChu
:bulletblack: Super High School Level Punk! Shiny Croagunk**WonderGlow
:bulletblack: Super High School Level Floralist! Roserade *Sakura-Pumpkin
:bulletblack: Super High School Level Skater! Bulbasaur *11chiyochan
I'm addicted to you don't cha know that you're Toxic!

Please read below on how to claim one of these pokemon for your own!

:bulletpink: What is This all about? :bulletpink:

:bulletblack: A set of 8 pokemon that are up for adoption!
:bulletblack: I will attempt to do all 17 types.
:bulletblack: There will be a surprise Shiny Pokemon in a few sets!
:bulletblack: A set will be live and open for adopting for 24 hrs.
:bulletblack: Whatever isn't adopted after that will be happily reclaimed by me.
:bulletblack: I will place an estimated date for when the next set on my Front page

Check my Front page for the dates and the next type.

:bulletpink: What do i get for adopting one? :bulletpink:

:bulletblack:Adopting one gives you full rights to the design and you can use it for anything!
:bulletblack: You will receive the full size image upon adoption.

You can use it for:

:bulletblack: Roleplaying- Give them a name or backstory
:bulletblack: OC-turn it into an OC/FC.
:bulletblack: Cosplaying-You can cosplay them, I would LOVE to see pics if you did XD
:bulletblack: Drawing- Draw them whenever you want in any way!
:bulletblack: Commissions-Get commissioned art of them!
:bulletblack: Pairings- Pair them up with anyone or anything! XD
:bulletblack: Alter-You can change the gender or alter the design.
:bulletblack: Pokegijinka Groups, you can use these designs for application forms!

:bulletpink: How do i get one? :bulletpink:

:bulletblack: To adopt a pokemon, send me a Note
:bulletblack: In the subject line please put the Name of the pokemon you'd like to adopt!
:bulletblack: There is no limit to how many you can adopt!
:bulletblack: No switching after i send you the original file.
:bulletblack: They cost just $12.50 Each! by paypal :D
:bulletblack: Only those who've sent payment will be officially added to the list. (First pay, first serve. XD)
***I reserve the right to sell it to someone else or keep the gijinka if payment wasn't received before the set closes.
:bulletblack: I do Not Accept points, Sorry! D:
:bulletblack: There are no reservations.
:bulletblack: There will not be any CUSTOM requests/Orders.

*However you are always free to suggest to me which pokemon you'd like to see-
and there is a chance that it may appear in the next set!

:bulletpink: What if we like your design but we can't buy the character? is there anything we can do? :bulletpink:

:bulletblack: If you like the design and it was adopted,you must contact the NEW owner for permission to use it.

If you have any additional questions about these adoptable please note me!

Thank you!
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April 13, 2013
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